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MMS Advisors provides forensic accounting services to legal counsel, law enforcement agencies, businesses and organizations conducting investigations of suspected fraudulent activities.  Our focus is on complex accounting frauds.  We have a proven track record providing assistance throughout the lifecycle of a case, from initial investigations to successful trial outcomes and settlements.  Our professionals have provided expert witness testimony in federal and state courts.  Most of our work involves major accounting frauds, many of which have been greater than $1 billion.

MMS Advisors was founded in 2002 by three individuals who, over three decades ago, helped start a consulting practice that evolved into a Big Four Firm’s national forensic accounting practice.  In contrast to most consulting firms, our approach is to utilize a small number of experienced professionals who perform virtually all the investigative procedures on a case, assisted by subject matter and technical experts when necessary.  It has been our experience that the smallest details can lead to the most important findings, and the smallest details can be missed when the work is diffused across a team of junior professionals.  We believe that standard analytic procedures and algorithms are poor substitutes for experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the case.

For the past decade, MMS Advisors has dedicated considerable resources to assisting the SEC under the Dodd Frank whistleblower program.  We participated in one of the SEC’s most successful enforcement actions, which will result in $1.2 billion of investor recoveries, and an enforcement action that stopped a several hundred million accounting fraud involving an insurance company.  In total, we have assisted the SEC with investigations into eleven companies.  In two instances, we have also assisted the Department of Justice with criminal investigations.  In many of these cases, we have worked closely with members of the SEC’s Financial Reporting and Audit Task Force.